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Top 5 Ways to Support Yourself in Cardinal Air Season

Oct 12, 2022

Every fall, the leaves change, the kids go back to school and my mind goes nuts! Does this happen to you too?


I have a lot of Fire and Air in my chart which means there is usually a lot of passion, thought and drive in what I do, but when fall rolls around all my thoughts seem to get tossed around in the wind as my mind spins on all the things I love to do, but it can't manage to anchor into anything specific. This results in me bleeding a lot of energy flitting here and there and all I get for is it is feeling depleted, uninspired, and unmotivated to do anything. This especially happens after the Full Moon in Aries, as the cardinal Fire applies the pressure of feeling like I ought to be doing something – anything – but the cardinal Libra season has my head turning every which way.


If this sounds like you at the moment then here are my top 5 ways to support yourself during this time.

1. Breathe and visualize. Fall season is Air season and Air is associated with your thoughts. Mine during this time are scattered to the four corners which often allows my mental space to turn into a circus with too much going on for me to focus on any one thing. Or worse, it is sometimes a garbage dump where everything I sift through seems to remind me that I’m boring, exhausted, a crappy human, and so on. Physically, my breathing gets erratic, shallow (in the chest), and my mouth is open all the time which is not only bad for the anxiety, it dries my lips out!. All of this invites in stress, anxiety, and depression.

So, try a reset breath – in for 4 hold for 5 and exhale for 6. Fill the lungs deeply, feeling the rib cage expand, not just the stomach but in the back and sides as well, and anchor your mind to a mandala or an inspiring vista like the woods, mountains or the beach.

Do this a few times a day to bring yourself back to the present moment and allow your nervous system to calm down.


2. Focus on Boundaries. Air (and your mind) is one of those elements that is able to go literally anywhere, but would do well with some boundaries. Boundaries don’t always have to be sharp lines drawn between you and others as a way to define the relationship. Boundaries can also be the routines and habits of your life keeping you focused on moving toward feeling good and away from feeling bad.

So what are the things that you reach for when tired and run down that aren’t great for you really? Mine are coffee, chocolate and TV, these days. Instead, try stretching, Tulsi or skullcap tea, or even 10 minute HIIT video to release some of the pent up energy. This will help you feel grounded and present.


3. Intention. I use intentions to harness my Fire element of passion. When my inner flame is low, resulting in low motivation and/or low confidence, I can refocus upon my intentions for myself. These days they are the same – age in a healthy, vital way.

Even if I can’t bring myself to actually “do” anything – and let’s be honest, some days you can’t – then I can at least focus on “be”ing something. This is when I use affirmations, such as,” I am learning to take better care of myself.” Or “I am aligned with the Divine and always cared and protected.”

Choose whatever words feel good to you and allow yourself to marinate in them. Also, make sure they are in the present tense and are full of high vibe (feel good) words. The great thing about intentions is that it’s like saving for the future – the more you put in now, the more you have later. And every little bit counts.


4. Practise connecting to your Intuition. When my Air is out of balance and all over the place, it feels very easy to ignore my body and to ignore my inner voice. Often it is the Inner Critic who is screaming at me to do things, to be better, faster, more productive, and this drowns out my intuition and occasionally causes me to forget about it all together.

With time and practise (and Intention) I have learned to remember that Intuition always has a seat at the table and, what is more, it is a more trusted advisor than the pessimistic, inner critic. If anything my intuition is like my inner Sage and should be heard and listened to, first and foremost. She is the voice that reminds me to come to present and find something, anything, to be grateful for and to fill my heart with the joy of it. Playing with your intuition is the best way to stay young and happy at heart.


5. Alignment. To be honest, all the other tips build upon each other to create and maintain the alchemical magic of alignment. Throughout the seasons of your life it is normal to swerve and sway, to run up against doubt and fear, loneliness and confusion. And always, the goal is to get back to alignment, your true North.

Not sure what that magical orientation is?

LOVE. Loving yourself, loving your life, loving the person you are constantly inventing and evolving into. Whatever you do or thin, whoever you are being, allow it to be someone you love more and more very single day, no matter what else is going on in your life.


Alignment helps you to remember that the quality of your thoughts are key to feeling good and then feeling better and better.


Which one speaks to you the most? Engaging with any of these tips on a regular basis will help you wrangle your Air and help you hone your imagination in to something positive and productive for YOU!


If you are struggling to love yourself more and tap into your inner super powers, consider working with me to balance and heal your energy.