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Awaken Your Soul Spark - the Element of FIRE

Sep 24, 2021

The element of FIRE is directly connected to your passion, will and purpose. The first of the 4 elements, and the only element to generate it's own light and heat, FIRE brings transformation and change through desire, the will to take action, and the ability to burn away disillusion and distraction.

FIRE is all about expressing your power, your love and your wisdom - which connects you to your Soul Spark

What is my Soul Spark?

Your Soul Spark is you. Underneath the ego, the fear, the need to live up to expectations, the filtering of old limiting programs and stuck emotions that no longer serve lives the true piece of you. 

The journey of life is to wake up to the realization that you are more than physical, more than ego, more than the stress, worry, and doubt that fill most of our days and bleed our energy leaving us stressed, overwhelmed and even lost.

Your Soul Spark is the piece of Divine energy that knows the truth of who and what you are and resonates with the reality that you came to Earth to experience being alive and lives in a state of wonder, appreciation, love, and awe.

This is the part of you that will cure the dis-ease of feeling not whole - this is home.

Living from your Soul Spark allows you to feel empowered!

Why work with the element of FIRE?

The element of FIRE is a powerful element to tap into and illuminate the Soul Spark so you can raise the ability to laugh and play, and diminish seriousness and stress of the ego. This is ideal to release anger and/or anxiety and to call in flexibility, adaptability and fun. 

But this is not all you can use FIRE for:

Fire isn't just about light and heat. It's about turning ego into soul.



Most of live from the place of the ego, with our fears and limiting program. The benefit of working with FIRE is that it helps burn away some of the disillusion we took on as children and always more access to who we truly are. It always for more range of motion to connect with our higher and lower selves, which develops confidence and an ability to own our own personal power.



Want to learn more. Check out this FREE class on the FIRE Element.

Ready to dive in? This mini-class on Working with FIRE will show you how to connect on a deeper level with your Soul Spark, and there is an activation included to attune your body to your true essence.

Need more assistance. I offer a soul spark alignment session that helps remove old programming and emotional charges that are keeping you from being able to access your Soul Spark on a deeper, more conscious level.