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Harvest Season, Distillation, and You

Aug 23, 2022

Moving into the Fall we enter a natural time of distillation. We call this time of year (in North America) harvest season, and get excited about hot chocolate and warm sweaters. Yet underneath all that, we are beginning to take stock of the year – what did we achieve from our New Year’s resolutions and intentions we set, what healing did we receive, lessons learned, and progress attained? Or not.


Basically, we take internal stock – an inner harvest if you will.


What is Distillation?

Distillation is an alchemical process that means to refine and purify. The act itself is about repeating a process or continuing a situation until there is a breakdown - of physical materials like plants, yes, but also of old, outdated beliefs and structures. This is necessary because it makes room for new perceptions and ways of being to present themselves.


But don’t be fooled – this process is hella uncomfortable. It takes the daring and courageous powers of the element of Water to go with the flow. To get clear about what emotional barriers need to be dismantled in order to create, and to allow for the newness you’d like to experience.


On the surface, we all say, I want to change. I want to quit this and start doing that. It sounds great to imagine yourself 10 pound lighter, or with the new job or beau – oh yes, the dreaming part is fun and feels full of so much magic and unrealized potential. And that’s because it is.


If you can dream it, it’s because it already exists in your field somewhere.


The tricky, but not impossible, part is getting into alignment with it. And the only way to do that is to change identities. To deal with the wounds of your heart, to stop engaging in the habits that keep you stuck, and to start practising ways of being that support making a match between your inner desires and your outer current ‘reality’.


And the more you engage in the distillation process, the more you make a clear distinction between the who you currently are, with all your habits of mind, body and spirit, and the who you are reaching for. The clearer that distinction gets, the more you realize – you are now both AND you are neither. You’ve purified and refined the vision so many times, and perhaps made some steps away from the old ways, leaning into the new you that you find yourself in the most powerful and scariest place of all -  in between worlds, in the middle – no longer one identity and not yet another either.


As I said, hella uncomfortable.


Now you have to commit. Stay or go forward? What new strategies can anchor you? What new ways of being, thinking, feeling can you lean into? Especially when the old ways are still in your body? Those chemicals of habit still call to you, putting images in your head of the cookie, or the TV, or the treats, or the negative discourse – whatever it is that holds you back right now.


How to move yourself forward


You have a new version of yourself waiting to be expressed because you deserve it – you deserve the new job, the new body, the new evolution of yourself whatever that is. You deserve it. No matter what your inner voice might be saying, no matter what sabotagy behaviour you might be currently engaged in. So, how do you push through and get it?


Radial acceptance is the way.


What is coming up, blocking you from moving forward is a bunch of fears in your heart about not being good enough – a bunch of subconsciousness programming that is part of you, and the best way to move beyond it is to acknowledge it, accept it and allow for it to be part of you and the journey.

BUT, and here is why it is capitalized – I am not saying ignore it  as in do nothing with it, and move on. I'm not saying - I'm scared and I'm doing it doing it anyone, which I know is how many of us operate. 

I’m saying embrace it, heal it, see it, own it, let it wash over you and say it’s piece and then realize it is all old stuff that is only presenting itself BECAUSE it is ready to be released, forgiven, transmuted, distilled into a lesser destructive version of itself. And then you achieve peace. From piece to peace. Within this process comes understanding and when you can understand you can learn. And when you learn, you naturally evolve.


This is a wonderful time to forgive yourself and others, to get clear on the boundaries that need to be re-aligned with this next evolution of you, and seek out what areas are ready to be smoothed over just a bit more, brought into wholeness a bit more. Then devote yourself to supporting and caring for yourself in this way. Even id you only choose, one new habit or routine or thought - choose it and devote yourself to it, knowing that it is the anchor, the foothold into a new and more integrated version of YOU.


When you do this, you are no longer in the middle, where it is uncomfortable, where you are in full stop and the old ways are starting to look better to you because at least they were familiar, and maybe you were too harsh in your judgment of them before and maybe things will be better this time – and all the other thoughts that keep you revolving instead of evolving start to speak very loudly.


Instead, look deeply into the waters you currently find yourself in and get to the work of healing – connect to your compassion and intuition by simply asking what needs your attention most right now. And what does that something need from you to heal? The more integrated and whole you feel, the easier it is to accept all the wonderfulness you deserve but are currently denying yourself.


This time of year, your energies are naturally aligned with balancing the emotional body. Using the element of Water to be daring, as water is, to flow wherever and to have no discrimination. (Water flows with water. It does not say, you are a drop and I am a river, I will not flow with you. Or you have dirt in you, flow somewhere else. No, it all melds together and becomes one body).


Distill and refine as you go, knowing the process is never really finished, but now is the time of year to take stock and see what can be harvested (a.k.a healed) from the year so far, to get ready for the preparations to come, for visions of the future to be created and supported.


When we align ourselves with the Nature and her cycles, it is so much easier to feel connected with ourselves. And when we feel connected to ourselves, it is so much easier to love and support what we are trying to do for the most optimal experience we can imagine in this present moment. This is Magic and you have the power to create it, for yourself within yourself.


If you find you are struggling and need some support, reach out and schedule an appointment. Moving on to your next evolution is your birthright, and I am here to support you.