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How to Give Your Home a Complete Energetic Reset

energy frequency Jan 22, 2023

Our lives are dictated by exchanges whether it be money, words, or time. The same thing happens in your house. You might notice the dust, or the clutter that seems to be a never ending battle along with the laundry and the dishes, but did you also know that energy – specifically stagnant energy – is also accumulating?


That fight you keep having with your partner? The anxious energy of the kids? Walking into your home and not feeling the immediately relaxing of your entire nervous system are just a few examples that stagnant and potentially negative energy is accumulating in the home.


Even if nothing “bad” is happening, when was the last time the furniture was moved and all the nooks and crannies given some love? Or what about that party coming up that will have all sorts of people in your home – these are all just a few reasons, energy clearings and resets are valuable.


The home is the sanctuary, it is meant to be the ultimate space of safety and nurturing. If it doesn’t feel like this each and every time, consider an energetic reset.


I perform the ritual of an energetic reset at least once a year, usually when I am already set to do a “spring” cleaning. On good years, I do this in the fall, as well. There is a physical component, of course, but an energetic reset brings a spiritual aspect that brings a deeper level of clean and clear to the space.


How does it work?


Of course there are different levels to this which can appear intimidating at first, so you are always invited to start with a room, a closet even – start with something manageable and then move up. If you only have patience to do one room, then its best to do the kitchen or living room, or even the entryway – a high traffic area that is going to have a lot of energetic exchanges. The process is the same, no matter what the size of the space. When you are finished, spend some time in the space and notice how it feels.


When you spiritually clean your house, the intent is to raise the vibration of the space through a layered effect of attention, intention, natural cleaning products with a high vibration, visualization, and a focus on repatterning the energy.


What you will need:

Cleaning products. I like to use things like Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap, lemon essential oils, vinegar and other safe and natural cleaning products, because they have a higher vibration and less chemicals (which have a lower vibration).  These - and some hot water with a cloth and a mop can go a long way.


Sage or Palo Santo or a smudge spray for after.


Optional: bells, incense, essential oils diffuser.


You will also need an open, curious mind, especially if this is the first time you are attempting to do this. Often we are so focused on the physical aspects and usually when I say spiritual, someone things I mean religious – but I mean connecting to something higher than myself and channelling more of that unconditional love energy into my space.


How to do it:

To begin, gather your supplies and tools. Take a few deeps breaths and declare you space sacred.


Next, choose an intention for the reset – something positive and in the present tense. It’s a statement that declares what you are seeking to accomplish. For example, when I do a smaller version of this before a party, I will declare the intention is for everyone to feel welcome and that everyone feels there is plenty of space to be comfortable (my house is small and I always worry that we will be cramped). You could choose to release the energy of the past XX months or years, to call something into your life, to feel balanced and happy – it can be anything you desire to accomplish. It might help to think in terms of how you’d like to channel or divert the energy, call something in or release it, focus or disperse energy and/or embody more of something or lessen the effects of something (like habits).


After you have chosen your intention, raise your hands over your tools and speak your intention, imagining that you are imbuing the tools with the energy of the intention. The focus here is to bring your attention to the present moment and to call in the energy of the Divine, asking for assistance in your desired aims. Otherwise, it is a mundane cleaning, but with intention the action is elevated to the realm of magical, co-creating a moment of connection with the Divine for the purpose of creating something “more” in your space.


Before you clean, open the windows and use the bells or your hands and go through and clap or make sounds, especially in the corners. This stirs up the energy and allows it to leave the space through the open window. Also, depending on how much dust there might be – this is just good ventilation.


With your tools charged, begin to clean. As you clean, think about the space with love, compassion and if need be forgiveness. Imagine that each scrub is releasing the layers of the past for better or worse and the energetic charges associated with them. The dust, grime, hair, muck, etc are all related to something that transpired in that space and now it is being cleansed with a high vibe and divinely charged cleaner! As you move through the space, thank it for all that it has done for you, all the experiences and lessons that you have moved through. 


Be as thorough as possible – wipe cabinets and counters, windowsills, door handles, floor boards, and mop the floors or vacuum. Often I like to play music, so I can dance or stretch and make it as fun as possible. I also drink a lot of water – this can be tiring work depending on how much you attempt to do. Staying hydrated and happy helps to stay connected to the WHY – and the Divine.


When you are done with the cleaning, it is time to seal the space with the new energy.


I like to use Palo Santo because not only does it disperse negative energy, but it also draws positive energy. I start in each room in a clockwise fashion and say something along the lines of, “I release any lingering negativity in this space or any entities that are not here for our best and highest good and I call in laughter, harmony, balance, love, (and whatever other intentions)”. I repeat this over and over like a programming statement as I move through the room.


Repeat in every space you are sealing.


Then I go to the center of the home – whatever you feel is the heart, be it the literal structure center or a room liek the kitchen. From there I close my eyes and say my intention one last time. I then imagine a bubble of light encircling the entirety of the home. I complete this with a layer of angels on the outside of the home facing outward protecting us from any negative energy that might be around  and another layer of angels on the inside of that facing toward the house beaming love and wonderful vibes down upon us. I take a final deep breath, and say, “And it is so.”

Take a deep breath and enjoy the new sensation of your home being a nurturing, supportive sancturary.

When I've finished, I drink more water, clean up, eat and take a shower!

Happy house resetting!

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