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Energy healing, quartz crystals, sage, crystal grid with rose quartz center used in energy healing.

Energy Healing- Connect to your Primary Self

Jan 14, 2022

When I first experienced energy healing I was having a hard time in my life. I was struggling at home and work, in my relationship, with my health - basically,  in any metaphoric room of my inner house, I was hiding in the closet, crying and drinking a bottle of wine. (That may or may not have also happened in real life).

My nervous system was a wreck and I couldn't stop the crying, yelling, drinking, and generally feeling like I was losing my dang mind.

My oldest at the time was also having anxiety, school issues, and presenting with serious impulse and ADHD indicators. On the advice of a loved one, I reached out to an energy healer.

Within a few minutes of talking and explaining, the healer moved her hands (we were on a Zoom call btw) and my son calmed down right before my eyes and then went off to play.

"What did you do?" I asked a little confused.

"I put him back in his body," she said. "His spirit was around his shoulders, so I grounded it back into him fully."

Spirit, out of body, grounded...I was so intrigued by these words. I needed to know not only what they meant but how to do what she did. So, I became her student, and for the next 2 years learned and used energy techniques to transform my life.

I quit drinking, not because I had a problem, but because it lowered my frequency (something I learned about with energy). I also changed my diet, learned to nurture my nervous system, and created healthier boundaries that ultimately improved my relationships.

During that time I learned all about cord cutting, relationship clearings, system healing, and all sorts of ways to bring people more in alignment with their primary selves by raising their consciousness (frequency).


Engaging in Energy Benefits include (but are in no way limited to):

  • increased harmony and balance
  • relief from stress and pain in the body
  • release of energetic blocks in the mind, body and spirit
  • cleanse the body of toxins and support the immune system
  • improve focus
  • help with sleep
  • personal development/spiritual growth
  • decrease stress and fatigue
  • elevates the body's energetic frequency signature
  • increase confidence


How Energy Healing Works

The language of the universe is energy. Energy permeates every fibre of our existences connecting us to a field of energy, also known as the field of potential.

Thoughts, emotions, actions, the physical world, our imagination, conscious subconscious, cells - all operate in the programming of energy. This is not "woo," it is facts.

As such, the thoughts we think and the actions we take affect our perception of "reality" and specifically how we feel about it. When we change the energetic frequency, we change our perception. We can also change our perception to change our energetic frequency - either way, shifting one or the other will shift how we perceive and receive reality which create different responses, habits, thoughts and feelings that will correlate with the shifted frequency.

We see these frequency scales in music, in emotion charts, in the vibration of the chakras... This video explains how frequency plays a part in energy healing:


Frequencies can be high or low, fast or dense. Low and dense frequencies are slow and heavy and usually correlate to not feeling great, whereas high and fast frequencies usually get associated with joy and happiness.

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When you are not feeling good in your life, it is usually the result of a build up of low frequency energies that can present ass complaining, feeling in victim mode, physical ailments, sleep issues and many other situations that make us feel stuck, blocked or limited in some way from enjoying our lives or being able to move forward and receive more LOVE.

Energy healing goes into the bodies electro-magentic field and releases the low frequency thoughts, emotions and programming so that you can connect to your primary self and LOVE on a more authentic level. In essence, energy healing removes what is not inherently you so that you the real you can shine through more easily.

This energetic re-alignment helps release the stuck energy and allows you more space to breath and receive. You feel more worthy, more whole, and more confident about being YOU!

When you're ready to feel like this on an everyday basis, Empower Process is an 8-week group coaching experience of empowerment that guides you as you raise your frequency and conscious awareness of your thoughts, emotions,boundaries, patterns, and connection to your higher self, and so much more - all designed to bring you home to your self, a design a life you love.