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Are you Ready to Learn How to Balance your FIRE?

Sep 01, 2021

Life is full of subtle (think thoughts) and physical energy (think moving something) and everything in life breaks down into its core components. These components can be mixed and matched to create variations and new formations.  In life, these building blocks are the elements. Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether are the building blocks of reality. In symbolic and very real ways these elements intermingle with fixed and volatile energy, receiving and exerting force onto all aspects of life.

Fire is an ascending energy, generating its own light and heat source it is a wild element spreading its transformative abilities as it goes. In this way it is likened to consciousness and passion.

Water is a descending energy which seeks density and carries a magnetism that contains the magnetic forces at play in life. In this way it is likened to the subconscious and emotions.

Air is a distributive energy and moves through all the planes as it expands and diffuses. In this way it is likened to the mind and thoughts.

Earth is compressive of or condensing energy that shapes and binds and creates physical forms. In this way it is likened to our bodies and senses and the aspect of manifestation.

Ether defies any characteristic that tries to capture it. Perhaps Divine intelligence approaches the mystery of the subtle existence of this energy which permeates all of creation infusing it with a web of communication which connects all things on the plane of “reality”. In this way it is closely related to connective tissue in the body.


Aspects of fire – balance and imbalance

Turning our attention to the element of FIRE, we often hear words like power, creativity, will, intuition, and power to describe it.

 It is associated with the sun, summer, the Wands suit in tarot, the solar plexus in the chakras and as the primary force for transformation and change.

 When fire is balanced in a person, they are often warm and caring and demonstrate good leadership skills. There is a strong drive, quick, sharp thinking, and the person is able to digest experiences and turn it into wisdom and understanding.

When there is too much fire in a person, however, there will be anger and frustration as the default emotions, The person might be arrogant with a high sense of self that is more about ego satisfaction. Often, the person might speak quickly and live a fast-paced lifestyle.

 Where there is too little fire in a person’s life, then there will also be issues with low self-esteem and will power, because there is a poor sense of self. Being tired and fatigued a lot can also indicate that the inner fires are burning low and so there won’t be much motivation to achieve what they want in life – if they know what that is.

Fire can be a very powerful ally, but, as with all the elements – it’s important to have awareness of how it is affecting your life. Only through awareness can we have choice.

Basically, too much fire can lead to angry, hyperactive states and being physically hot in the body which can sometimes get expressed as sudden explosive outbursts. Too little fire can give you brain fog, fatigue and feeling sluggish.

When you want to do something but can’t seem to find the energy to do something – this could indicate an imbalance of FIRE. Think of the old adage, “the spirit is willing but the body is weak,” – this is imbalance FIRE as balanced means the physical and subtle energies are balanced.

 Fire energy and the Zodiac


The fire element has associations with the Zodiac as well which hold the energetic charge of igniting and energizing certain aspects of our lives.


Aries is a cardinal fire element, which means it hold and initiating action and is focused on the self. When in balance this aspect of fire can help a person learn about their passions and soul purpose so they can be a leader in their own life.


Leo is a fixed fire element which means that it is a stable aspect of the fire energy and can help a person learn to have confidence and self esteem, so they are better able to keep connected to a sense of play in their lives, especially when stress comes a callin’.


Sagittarius is a mutable aspect of the fire element which means that is about changing its modes of expression and can help a person explore their beliefs and create a vision of their life with their higher self in mind more than their ego.

Each of these aspects of FIRE provides a fun way to experiment and play all for the purpose of discovering on a deeper more authentic level the age-old question, “Who am I?” This is the burning desire of born in all of us, it is to know our personal flame and use it to express our true authentic selves, to shine our own radiance out into the world and share the warmth and compassion within our hearts and souls.

Organs in the body associated with the fire element

In life there is physical energy like pedalling a bike and there is subtle energy as in the thoughts you think and the feelings you have. These two energies are in a constant state of interplay from physical to subtle and back again manifesting and expressing themselves through what we think do and say.


Inside out bodies this exchange is also taking place and when we learn the language of the subtle body, we can use our physical bodies to keep our energies in balance and harmony.


The fire element has three organs associated with it: the liver, the gall bladder and the small intestines.


The liver is the great detoxifier. This is the organ of transformation, renewal and change. The liver holds emotions of resentment, fatigue, anger, rage, and fury. When out of balance there can be an unwillingness to change, and boundary issues.


The gall bladder stores bile produced by the liver and is a center of decision making and determination. When out of balance there will be issues of doubt and a tendency to be overly focused on memories of the past. This organ stores aggression, jealousy, rage, and envy.


Fed by the Solar Plexus and central to digestion, the small intestine is the center for processing and accepting situations. When out of balance there is a need for pleasure seeking, and fear of letting go of old misconceptions. Emotions stored here are fear, anxiety and worry.


When you are able to pay more attention to the emotions and physical cues that come up then you are better capable of recognizing what element needs balancing in your life. This is a life long skill that will serve you well in your efforts to manifest a life you desire.

Working with fire

Now that you know more about the element of FIRE you may be asking yourself – but what can “do” with it? And this is a great question. Working with FIRE offers many benefits including:

  • Increasing motivation to compete a task
  • Increase your sense of personal power
  • Bolster your courage and silence fears
  • Regulate the flight, fight or freeze trigger when in stress
  • Understand your true will and your life purpose
  • Develop intuition which can bring clarity and clear decision making
  • Burn away confusion and see Truth
  • Increase your sex drive
  • Fight illnesses and encourage the release of toxins


As you can see the FIRE element, provides a wide range of awesomeness that can be used in your life.


Using candles is one excellent way of working with FIRE. Of course, it is fire so be careful and mindful when working with it – and then, have fun!


Here is a simple candle spell you can use to increase motivation:



-a small candle, preferably a tea light

- a fireproof plate

- a lighter

- a list of things you need to get done

- clove, rosemary or sweet orange essential oil

- a bowl of water


What to do:

  • Create Sacred Space
  • Within the Sacred space write a short list (no more than 3 things) of what needs to get done but you seem to lack motivation for.
  • Take the oil of your choice and christen in by bringing your full awareness to the intention and say, “(oil name) I christen you to bring me the best amount of fire I need to accomplish mt tasks.” Then put one drop on the candle.
  • Hold the candle in your hand and say, “Fire element, I call on you to bring me the perfect amount of motivation I need to accomplish these tasks.” Se the candle down and light it up.
  • Read the tasks out loud. When finished say it is so. Spend a few seconds soaking up the fire energy as you imagine what it looks like and feels like to have the tasks completed. If you like, see yourself checking them off a list.
  • Take the paper and set it on fire, saying” It is so.”
  • Put the paper in the bowl of water and make sure the fire is out.
  • Thank the fire for its energy and blow out the candle.
  • This spell is complete.


If you are looking for more on the element of FIRE, check out this FREE class which offers a powerful yet simple tool to connect with FIRE in your everyday life.