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Communication and the Element of Air

Jun 03, 2022

As energetic beings having a physical experience, we are communicating with LIFE every second of the day.  While most of that communication is unconscious, the more awareness we can bring to our interactions, the more fun we are able to have!


The Element of Air

corresponds to the mental level of our multi-dimensional selves, so here we will talk about communication as it relates to our minds.

Thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, words, and tone dance with us throughout the day inside our own minds and in our relationships with others. The state of our mental body can assist us in knowing ourselves and life on a deeper level and invites in the sense of childlike wonder that can keep our experiences feeling fresh and enjoyable.

Or, our mental bodies can perceive through the many lenses of trauma, stress, limiting thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and others, and the conditioning that programs our psyche on the cellular level. This results in any number of symptoms such as brain fog, rigid thinking, defensiveness, and a literal inability to hear what does not align with the core programming and conditioning.

Of course, at any given moment, our thoughts wander the spectrum of light and shadow, divinity and humanity, open mindedness and closed-loop thinking, curiosity and dismissal/judgment. All day long we slide along this scale, one moment tasting our awesome potential, the next responding in an angry tone because deep down we don’t feel good enough.

Mentoring with the element of Air to master communication affords the opportunity to heal, to empower yourself to release the calcified and crystalized programming of the past in order to step more fully into enlightenment (literally being more full of light). Again, because we are multi-dimensional beings, all is possible.


Enlightenment is one of those programming grids most of us were conditioned to believe is unobtainable – unless you live in a cave for years meditating on the meaning of life. And perhaps once upon a time, our consciousness abilities were so nascent that this was true. But the beauty of humanity and consciousness is that, like the universe, it is always expanding.


Consciousness and the ability to achieve and hold present state awareness is more available than ever before. Not to mention, it is a skill that any human can develop, and not through solitude. It takes focusing the mind on creating and holding connection.


Communication offers an endless myriad of avenues within yourself and how you relate to others. What is the purpose of this communication? What is the WHY of evolution, expansion and your existence – to experience LOVE, to experience, TRUTH, to master discernment and use it to create.


With the element of Air this narrows the focus into the skill of discerning which thoughts, beliefs, patterns, programs and conditions will move you powerfully forward toward your soul’s desire for expression, and which ones are limiting this glorious potential. Then using this skill during your interactions with others – using your desire to know, to understand and to have wonder for your experience. What are the motives of another? Are they coming from a wounded place? Are they using strong language and tone to hide a vulnerable state they don’t feel safe enough to communicate?


As humans, at our basic levels we are either reaching for protection or connection.


When we are reaching for safety and protection, we are more prone to shut down, lose curiosity for LIFE, decide what something means, be critical in our value judgments of ourselves and others, and fall prey to our inner critic. Anger is a shield and shutting down or employing aggression is a weapon all designed to create a feeling of safety. In a protective state, even our own minds can turn on us.


When we are reaching for connection, however, it is easier to have a wider, more open view. We might feel the twinge of our past wounds and trauma, but they don’t possess the same level of control as when we are seeking safety. Connection allows room for compassion and curiosity, for trust in yourself and the universe that all will work out and exploring and allowing others to be themselves is not perceived as a threat. Deep listening and reflection are tools for clarity on what helps you move forward and what still holds you back. This clarity informs your decisions and allows you the space and grace needed to respond instead of reacting.


Using the element of Air and the power of the imagination help open the channels of communication on all levels.


Here are some fun and simple tips to get started:


Before speaking to another, especially if the conversation might be a challenging one, take a moment and breathe deeply. Come to center. Consider the WHY – what is the purpose or intention of the conversation, what is the desired outcome, what is acceptable, and what is not an acceptable resolution. Own your boundaries.


 Next, draw an imaginary circle in front of you. Pour love into the space, fill it with vibrations such as confidence, compassion, authority, clarity, calmness, safety, etc – whatever vibrations guide you powerfully toward the outcome you desire.


When ready – step into the space and have your conversation. NOTE: This can all be done in your mind and with practice can happen within seconds. No need to feel like a crazy person drawing a circle with your arm in front of others.


During the conversation, or any conversation really, if you feel it is going into shadow (shutting down, avoidance, defensiveness are happening, confusion or someone is suddenly reacting and searching for safety and protection) – imagine throwing rose between the two of you. Roses offer a very high vibration and fill the space between you with unconditional love. Set the intention that you are heard with love and you receive their words with love, which will dampen the triggering aspect of wound lenses that can get in the way of clear communication.


If you recognize that you are trapped within old ways of thinking, getting triggered often or are speaking to yourself in an unkind manner, engage in energy work, or any form of healing that assists you in releasing modes of thinking and perceptions that don’t align with your true self, your higher self. We are all raised in environments of conditioning and part of really growing up is learning to see what no longer serves you – then doing what you can to let it go. Life is too short not to let your true, amazing, authentic self run the show!


Ready to work on your mental body and the element of AIR so you can communicate with from an empowered, authentic space? Let’s work together! I’ve helped many let go of the conditioning they were raised in so they could live a life aligned with their true self.