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A ritual to raise frequency, spoons filled with salt and spices

A Ritual To Raise Your Frequency

elements energy frequency Dec 30, 2021

We all desire to feel good and this is what having a higher or raised frequency feels like in the body - it just feels good.

In order to truly feel good and whole, however, we often need to engage with Shadow Work which can be scary and brings up so much resistance that we avoid it at all costs.

Shadow Work is necessary because it brings us close to experiencing the wholeness of our true selves. It uncovers and frees hidden parts of ourselves that we denied or buried as a result of traumatic experiences or behaviours we created to survive when we were young.

This ritual will help you engage with Shadow Work in a safe way and if done over time, will create a habit of going within that is not triggering or so fear-inducing. And it will help you clean your house or apartment!

How it works:

You will need:

  • a candle
  • matches, or a lighter
  • cleaning supplies (preferably environmentally friendly)
  • sponges, towels, and other ways to wipe surfaces
  • optional - boxes


To begin, light your candle. Take a deep breath and come into the present moment. Focus on the flame and allow the energy of FIRE to come to your awareness. This is the energy of bravery, courage, inspiration and also of cleansing and purifying. Draw on this energy and set an intention that while you are doing the external work, you are going to remain open to inner work happening as well.

Take another deep breath and call upon the WATER as you fill your bucket or container with hot water and invite in its energies and abilities to cleanse, renew, and release anything stuck emotionally, as well as physically.

Another deep breath and call upon AIR as you invite things to be stirred up, what is underneath to come to the surface, to see things clearly.

And then invite EARTH as you work on the physical space, invite yourself to see how your inner space also has patterns of clutter and neglect and how cleaning the outside will assist in cleaning the inner as well.

Now begin cleaning.

As you are cleaning allow your mind to wander and reflect upon what you are cleaning - it could be a drawer, a closet, a room - the size is not important. What matters is that you allow yourself to reflect on how the space came to be like this over time. Perhaps you think about why you let it go for so long, what made it seem not important, were you avoiding it or ignoring it? Allow these questions to go internally as well and simply notice what comes up. This is more Earth work as nothing happens overnight - it takes time to develop.

There is no need to dive deeply, to relive stories, past traumas or hurts. The only necessary is that you allow your mind, heart, and body to be open to whatever might be ready, internally to be cleansed, with no judgment, no shame, just openness and curiosity. We are dealing with energy and frequency here not stories.

As you wipe the surfaces clean, imagine doing the same internally. As you choose what will be recycled, thrown away, re-organized or put somewhere else, imagine your subconscious is doing the same with certain experiences, memories, emotions and habits of thought and beliefs. Use the water energy to stay open and realize you are only clearing out what is no longer needed, you are only organizing what will reduce chaos and bring in more calm.

Take care with the external objects, appreciating what role they played in your life and what is the next step for them - to remain with you or move on. This is the AIR element helping you see clearly what stays and what goes.

When you have finished cleaning your space, go back to your candle and take a moment to relish in the work that was done. Gratitude and appreciation here for the work that was done is what is called for. Feel your inner FIRE burning just that much brighter, clearer and more truly. When you have enjoyed this moment, blow out the candle.

What's Next?

Continuing on, a lot of dirt and dust was physically stirred up while doing the work, so it's time to go take a shower.

For this part you will need:

  • Himalayan Sea salt, or rock salt
  • a washcloth
  • a hair-tie or rubberband

Put a good portion of Salt into the washcloth and tie it up. Salt is an excellent energy cleanser. It draws out impurities and cleanses and purifies. We use Salt energy to clean off our energy bodies from the debris we pick up from others. Taking a salt shower after work, after visits with family or being at the mall or around a lot of other people is a wonderful habit to get into - to come back to your home energy quickly and easily.

take a shower and use the washcloth to scrub all over your body. Bring awareness to the fact that ass the salt dissolves, it is drawing out whatever was stirred up from the subconscious and gently pulls it from you.

Have gratitude again for what was released and the love and care you have taken with yourself today.

When done and dressed drink a glass of water. BUT, first bless it with positive high vibe words like joy, love, contentment, prosperity - whatever feels good. Then drink in those words, replenishing energetically the low vibes that were removed with the high vibrational frequency of the blessed water.

Finish with a healthy meal or snack - a mandarin, or something more grounding and filling. While you eat, relish in the nourishment and support you have given yourself. And feel the higher frequency state you are now in.

Allow how good it feels to seep deep within your cells and set this programming as your new normal.

Repeat as often as necessary.



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