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5 Ways Energy Healing Helps Build a Better Vision of Yourself

Sep 06, 2022

Energy healing is the term used for learning to balance your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies.

As multi-dimensional beings – meaning you're complex and multi-layered – it can be a challenge to arrive at a state of feeling good and stay there.


When I speak of energy healing techniques, many new clients often think I entering the land of “woo” – a strange and mystical place that only the most courageous of spirits dare to enter. But in truth, you are more than likely already practicing basic and vital energy healing techniques. It’s just that you don’t call them that. Energy healing is doing, saying, and thinking in a manner that allows you to feel like the most whole and loved version of yourself. Every single time you make the effort to care for yourself through your thoughts, movement, food, etc, you are engaging in energy healing techniques.


Energy healing supports you in caring for yourself on a deeper level, but they do require commitment – consistent, daily action. The wonderful part about energy healing is that once you learn how to focus your attention and even play with some of the techniques of balancing your bodies, it becomes easier to recognize when you are out of flow, or blocked, and shift quickly back. What stops most people from having a regular practice of energy healing is not that it is hard or overly time-consuming but that they are so focused on the outside world, they end up undervaluing and neglecting their inner world.


The key to feeling great is in your energetic choices - in being able to recognize your flow.


Here are 5 ways energy healing helps you build a better vision of yourself (and stay in your Flow):


#1 Details, Details

Energy healing works on the subtle levels, the unseen but felt layers of your existence. It is often supporting the healing of the subconscious where your inner wounded selves live. Too often, we tend to focus on details of how we got it wrong, how we weren’t perfect, how we are undeserving, because that is what the wounded parts of ourselves loop on. Energy healing helps break the loop and shift the focus onto little, loving things we can do to add to our joy – a cup of tea, a kind word, a walk in nature. What brings you peace? What makes you happy? What little detail or gesture you can you offer to yourself in any given moment to remind yourself that you are worthy of love and care? Instead of the details of how wounded you are, energy healing invites you to contemplate what are the little things that would make you happy, and contribute to building a life and a YOU that you love.


#2 Opposites bring balance and clarity

Homeopathy which is a holistic treatment method is built on the concept of balancing opposites to bring a system back into homeostasis or balance. The same goes for you. Learning what triggers your anger, sadness, guilt, worry, shame helps you see yourself better. Energy Healing invites you to break out of the microscopic state of judgment and open up to higher perspective of Love. This small shift in the opposite direction reminds you to stop and breathe, come to center, and then ask yourself – what if it were better? What if I felt better? What would that look like? What would I be doing differently – I bet you find that it’s actually not that the answer is usually, the opposite of what you are doing now.


#3 The World is a reflection of your inner world

We have lenses through which we view life. If you were mistreated as a child, this will affect how safe and powerful you feel in the world. Rejection causes you to see potential traps everywhere and incites you to guard yourself, perhaps too defensively in order to prevent being hurt again. But these lenses more often than not create disillusion and denial about who and what you are capable of and deserve in life. They favor victimhood and keep you trapped in old stories, old experiences, and support you never taking any real risks in life because everything feels too dangerous. Energy healing helps remove these false layers and lenses and gets you back in touch with the truth of yourself – that you are Divine Being in a physical body capable of immeasurable acts of love and adventure. Once you stand in this energetic space, it is much easier to choose what adventures would please your soul and remind you that Life is a playground, and you are safe to explore.


#4 Energy Healing connects you on a deeper level to all your bodies

When you engage with energy healing techniques you are invited to listen in deeply to what your body needs and where it is asking for support. This might be asking a sore body part to speak to you, or it might be balancing your chakras so the energy flows more smoothly. Not to mention, taking a more observational approach so you can notice the thoughts that flood your mind and the emotions that cause your muscles to tense allows you to see more clearly the stories that are running your life. Then you can decide if those are the stories you desire or if you are ready to tell new ones.


#5 Energy Healing Techniques teach the skill of discernment

Energetic information comes at us all day long. Also, we expel energetic energy constantly, in our thoughts, words, deeds, etc. But how well are you able to recognize if the nudges you feel and the inspirations that pop into your head whispering for you to act are coming from a healthy or unhealthy place? Is it your wound talking? Or your ego? Or is it your soul and higher self? As multidimensional beings we see everything we think, say and do as ONE – ourselves, but the truth is we are made up of parts, smaller versions of ourselves at various ages of our existence that speak and control what we call our conscious selves. Ever feel calm one minute and then snap at someone the next, and then think – that was weird, I didn’t know that would happen?  When you engage with energy healing you have more clarity on the who of YOU is speaking, and are better able to decide if this is a healthy or wounded part. As you continue to work with energy healing techniques you will learn to allow the healthy parts much more “air” time than the unhealthy, because you will hear them and be able to heal them, effectively transforming them into healthy parts, as well.


Following your energy gives you access to more of you, so you can feel more whole and know yourself better, and because of this – you have more clarity and transparency on what is good for YOU. Not someone else’s opinions, not your shadow self -  the real, healed and whole you that is ready to explore and create a life you love!


Energy healing is ongoing, it’s a daily practice that refines the details of your life as you move from one experience to another. Learning techniques, remembering to check in, to ask questions, to learn to focus your attention and intention on what you desire for creating an optimal vision of your life is a practise.


If you are interested in developing or deepening your practise I invite you to join us in the  the Sacred Vitality Membership where you will not only learn practical and useful skills to fine tune your energy, but you will also get weekly support to help you to create and stay focused on the vision you have for yourself and your life.

When I first got into energy healing, I felt it was so big, there was so much I didn’t know, and I didn’t know where to start. I thought it would take a whole lifetime and hours of my day to get a handle on it.

But those were all illusions, resistance coming up to stop me from starting, because that’s what happens when you are stuck. Working with a community and having a guide helped me to see that I was making it much harder than it needed to be, and over time, I was able to put one practise into my day, then two, then three, until eventually, I am where I am now. I love my life as everyone else with work, laundry, bills, etc – but now it is an energy exchange that I choose and feel great about! Interested in feeling like this?

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