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The 12 Guides for Joy Seekers

May 23, 2022

As a student of personal development, magick, alchemy, and spirituality the transformation of energy in the pulsing realm of life is hypnotic. I don’t think there is a single person who connects with the vibrational experience that supports the web of existence known as the material world who doesn’t want a peek behind the curtain. Joy seekers and life-long students alike have come to the same question at one point – what makes the world tick?


The alchemists distilled the universal machinery into 7 cogs, while the spiritual seekers settled on the powerful number 12. Both are correct as they include and encapsulate the ethereal constructs that connect us all. Let’s pull the curtain back and see what the universe is running on!


Before we dive in, let’s take a moment to make sure we are on the same page about what a Law or Principle is – for my purposes, they affect everyone – like gravity. They are intangible (can’t seem ‘em), boundless (don’t care about human-imposed borders and classifications), and are timeless (they’ve always been there and always will be). They are there for each generation to come into awareness of and learn how to use them to navigate the physical realm.


For me, it’s like if you could have left yourself instructions that you knew you would forget, but you needed to remind yourself that you are truly an energetic being having a physical experience -  how could you still get yourself the message? Birth chart? Astrology? Universal principles and Laws? Yes.


So let’s dive in…

1. The Law of Divine Oneness (or the Principle of Mentalism in Alchemy),

which both amount to the same thing: Everything begins in the mind, Everything is ONE. This is the law of all the laws, the foundational, the cornerstone of how the universe functions. In its essence it declares that absolutely everything is connected. There is nothing that exists outside of the “mind” of the universe and in it contains all potentials and possibilities and this “mind” is in a state of constant evolution.


What does this mean for you? On a personal level this means that your own reality stems from what you think, say, do, but most importantly – what you believe. This all contributes to and impacts your perception of reality positively or negatively.  To best align yourself with this law, it's time to embrace your co-creator status and responsibilities. This means being willing to release the desire to be a victim, creating unconsciously, and become more deliberate in what you say, think, do, and, of course, believe. This also invites empathy and asking what LOVE would do or how can there be more compassion in you experience, because truly – humans are generally shit at taking responsibility so the best you can do is at least look for love and dole out compassion in as large a dose as you can manage. Because this is the highest form of self-love.


2. The Law of Vibration (3rd on the list for Alchemy).

This law is based in scientific truths that everything – every single particle - in the universe moves and therefore, vibrates at varying rates of vibration. Even what appears to be solid, on a microscopic level, is in fact moving and has its own unique vibrational signature. Higher frequency vibrations are naturally more attuned to other higher frequency, and lower frequencies to other lower frequencies.


What does this mean for you? Pay attention to what you feel drawn to and/or what keeps showing up in your life because that’s a great indicator of the level and style of vibration you’re vibrating at. A table cannot change its frequency, but a human with its own consciousness can. Yoga, breathwork, sound baths, releasing old programming – are just a few of the countless ways a human can shift the rate of their vibration and raise it. When it comes to humans the higher the vibration, the healthier and more vital you feel. The invitation is to deal with your beliefs, your habits, your fears, and learn to get into gratitude and celebrating what’s going well so you can build on this – as a daily practise, not a sometime thing. Basically, heal your vibration so more JOY can flow through you - on purpose.


3. The Law of Correspondence (#2 for Alchemy)

If you’ve ever heard the now more familiar saying, “as above, so below; as below, so above” – this is what they are referring to. What exists on a large scale (planets for example) has a corresponding existence on a small scale (atoms, quarks, particles, etc). Another way to think of this is that there are repeating patterns throughout the universe. Nature is full of them, so is math, its not really the patterns the change, but the scale. All vibrating energy has corresponding energy signatures in the realms of food, music, plants, animals, etc across all scales and levels of existence.


What does this mean for you? This is a lesson in perspective and associations. Its an invitation to see the universe in yourself and yourself in the universe. It also links directly to the Oneness of the foundational principle. It’s why you attract certain people or experiences, and also why you can use certain herbs, oils, crystals, etc to balance and harmonize your bodies on many levels. This is also a way to examine the patterns in your life to see if they are producing high vibrations of love, compassion and joy – or not. If you don’t like what you feel or experience, this law begs the question – where can I heal? What would I rather correspond with?


4. Law of Attraction (this one actually isn’t in the hermetic principles of Alchemy but most closely associates with the principle of cause and effect, which we’ll get to in a moment)

If you’ve ever heard about any Laws of the Universe, it was probably this one. The basic tenet is like attracts like. Or things of the energy of the same frequency will draw to it more energy of the same frequency. Because the Universe, Earth and everything in it – even humans – have an electromagnetic field. The electricity part sends out frequencies and the magnetic part attracts them in. Same on every level (correspondence)


What does this mean for you? While most people hope that it means if they think positive thoughts, they can be rich – it’s really an invitation to pay attention to and take care of the level of your vibration and frequency. Thoughts, feelings, actions  all carry frequency yes, even if it stays in your head. And what you put out will come back – negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive, happy more happy, fear more fear – you get the idea. The mind is super powerful and is also a tool – all humans ought to have been given a manual on how to use it properly and then tested on their skill levels with it before being unleashed into the world, but…here we are. So, lesson 1: Where attention goes, energy flows. Focus your energy and attention on what you desire. The point of power is in the present moment, so do this all the time. Mantras and affirmations that you say only 2-3 times a day are not as effective as those repeated 400-500 times a day! Zero point focus - leave no room in your thoughts for anything other than what you desire to manifest.  You can spend lifetimes attempting to master this one lesson. There’s a lot of noise and distraction out there.

5. The Law of Inspired Action, also called the Law of Action, but I much prefer the addition “Inspired” (not a hermetic (Alchemical) principle)

The basics of this Law come down to action creates manifestations so action must be taken. But the Law of INSPIRED Action invites you to first get in alignment with your higher self, with the Divine or spirit or the universe or LOVE or JOY and then allow it to flow and create through you, not because you “have” to or “should” but because you are, well, inspired to! There is so much more joy and fun with that word in play. I wish we used it more because then maybe we’d be inspired to care for the Earth more and create and manifest with more integrity.

What does this mean for you?  It is permission to SLOW DOWN. It’s hard to be inspired when you are running around doing all.the.things. Create Sacred Space so you have the space and grace to go inside and for your inner Guidance to be heard. Let go of the need to control and open up to possibility, get curious, pull some cards, spend some quality time with your SOUL. THEN go and do what feels great.


6. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy (even though not technically an alchemical principle – the alchemists are constantly transmuting energy from lead to gold physically, metaphorically and spiritually – it’s kind their jam)

When I was younger I had this thought all on my own (I thought I was so deep) – Energy can’t be created or destroyed – it just changes. Who knew I was spouting a Universal Law! Change is occurring all the time, even if you can’t see it – on a cellular level, out there in the cosmos and everywhere in between.

 What does this mean to you? Because it means YOU too can change. And also, maybe don’t be so afraid of change. You are an energetic being having a physical experience, a powerful co-creator of reality – you are affecting change all the time. Own it! Own how you desire to feel, who you desire to be – make the changes you desire, drop the identities, the stories, the emotions that are dragging your vibrational potential down. Energy is neutral – it doesn’t care, when you release it, it changes into something better! Put that belief into your mind and run with it! Expansion, joy, love, cooperation – these are the higher frequencies of the universe and your true potential


7. The Law of Cause and Effect (#6 of the hermetic principles of alchemy)

This law comes down to – nothing happens by chance. Because of the other laws, Oneness, attraction, correspondence – whatever you are putting out there is coming back, on some level, in some way. Action/reaction. You are an electro-magnetic being (think projective and receptive, yin and yang, etc)


What does this mean for you? While you may not be paying attention to patterns and therefore causes, you are most likely noticing effects, especially if you don’t like them. Before you get your blame game going though – there is an invitation here (of course) to bring more conscious awareness to the cause of things for you so you can influence the effect for the better. This can be used for prosperity and the like but also for having more loving and open interactions. This is a really magickal law – did you take time to ground into the present moment, create an intention for your action, consider all the patterns and limitations that could come into play on your side or anothers? Did you spend time visualizing the results you desire? Raise your vibration? Notice the relationships on a spiritual as well as physical level? You see? So many magickal options for inviting more JOY to the party.


8. Law of Compensation (not a hermetic principle – probably because it’s really another way of saying cause and effect and attraction)

What you put out you get back. Compensation here can come in many forms and connects with the old saying, “you reap what you sow.”

What this means for you? Deal with worth and deserving beliefs for yourself and others. Consider the planet? Consider how you serve and show up – don’t give too little, but also don’t give too much – only what is appropriate for the situation, which you can only know by bringing your consciousness awareness to bear. And if you are providing services for others, especially healing services - GET PAID! You are messing with Universal Laws when you deny yourself the right of being properly compensated.


9. Law of Relativity (not a hermetic principle)

This law is to remind us of neutrality. Nothing has any meaning, really, until meaning is bestowed upon it by those interacting with it. No thought, emotion, person, or action is good or bad unto themselves until it is compared to something else and given a value rating. Humans love to compare and classify.

What this means for you? Careful of this Law playing you. For any given situation, thought, person, etc there can by multiple perspectives – usually laziness, ego and past conditioning cause those options to be narrowly dismissed with rapid speed until we think we are “right.” We also use this Law often to decide we aren’t good enough – comparing ourselves to others and feeling less than. The best way to balance this Law is the attitude and practise of gratitude and appreciation – this helps keep the mind open and focused on positive solutions and improvement oriented.


10. Law of Polarity (#4 for hermetic principles)

Basically, everything has an opposite – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. A spectrum full of nuance. What's the point at which hot becomes cold or light becomes dark? Opposites are identical in nature but different in degree.

What does this mean for you? All contrast brings clarity – knowing what you don’t like helps you clarify what you do like. Also, use the polarity spectrum to consider that someone with the exact opposite view of you can actually also be “right” – you can both be “right” from completely different perspectives. Yes, this is a mental game, but according to the founding Law of Oneness – its all a mental game! Everything is the ALL, so learning to temper our need to control and dominate, allowing more cooperation and compassion into the mix can help ease extremes and bring thing into balance. Think yin and yang – one cannot fully exist without the other because each contains a piece of the other. Joy lives in the balanced space.


11. Law of Rhythm (#5 in hermetic principles)

Everything flows and is perpetual motion be it circular or cyclical. All things rise and fall, go in and out, follow a pattern, a cadence, a tempo – it’s quite musical in a way. This Law exists in nature, in the change of seasons, the wheel of the year, the phases of the moon, etc. It is a call to dance with Time and Space!

 What does this mean for you? Align with your personal rhythms, the rhythm of the year, and learn to work with them instead of fighting them. Permission to rest instead of push through. The more you get into a flow that works for you, the easier it is to conserve energy and vitality – as well as patience which allows for more JOY! Work on your boundaries and habits.


12. Law of Gender (#7 for Alchemical principles)

There are two types of energy flows in the universe – projective and reflexive, yin and yang, ebb and flow, masculine and feminine – both are required for life to exist. Neither is better than the other. They are also represented in the elements (air and fire are projective, water and earth are receptive)

What doe this mean for you? Release the need to assign value and power to gender specific roles, identities, actions, beliefs – even if they’d been handed down culturally for eons – as far as the Universe is concerned – this is a gross misunderstanding and misappropriation of the balance of energies used to create harmony. Boys “should” do this; girls “should” be like that – is just one of the many ways the value system and everyone subjected to it is misused, debilitating your ability to live up to your true potential. To heal this, consider how each type of energy is present in your own life and whether you are balanced and whole – where is there a deficit? Where an excess? Then balance it. Use this with the Law of Rhythm to really master knowing how much bandwidth of energy you have to give others and how much you need for yourself. Some days you have a lot, other days not so much – and while most cultures value yang, masculine energy, especially in the work force, more often than yin energy., you have the power to heal and bring more balance to this inn your personal experience.


The next time you catch yourself saying or thinking you have no time for self-care, remember the Laws of the Universe and consider that you won’t be able to get in alignment with them if you can’t even spend the time needed to get in alignment with yourself!

When you are in alignment with JOY you more capable of creating a life you LOVE, because you are able to allow more Joy to flow through you.


If you are ready to step more into your Empowered Self, check out this self-guided healing program that will teach you all the skills and techniques, both magickal and mundane needed to access more JOY in your life.